Honesty killed the cat

Isn’t it funny that we are compelled to be honest to those we care about the most? Sometimes, I think they deserve our lies. The problem is, people are honest because it’s in their own best interest. Lying makes us feel bad, so we’re honest, even when we make the recipient of our honesty unhappy. What’s . . . → Read More: Honesty killed the cat

Alexander Frost

Mr. Frost,

I think of you often– more often than you imagine, if you even imagine me at all these days. Our story was brief to be sure, but it has left a lasting impression on me. Why I chose to disappear, I can't remember; but I wish I hadn't been such a fool. The "what if"s . . . → Read More: Alexander Frost

On again, off again

As you may have noticed my blogging has been sporadic. Who knows, perhaps it will continue to be so. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to blog more instead of pissing away time doing other things. If nothing else, I've declared myself as an English major– the least I can do is try . . . → Read More: On again, off again