Honesty killed the cat

Isn’t it funny that we are compelled to be honest to those we care about the most? Sometimes, I think they deserve our lies. The problem is, people are honest because it’s in their own best interest. Lying makes us feel bad, so we’re honest, even when we make the recipient of our honesty unhappy. What’s the utilitarian perspective on that?Is truth telling a selfish act in cases in which the truth “sets us free [from guilt]“?

My other question is this: does love at first sight exist, or is it simply a destructive fantasy?

These two thoughts may seem disjointed, but delving any further would be too personal for such a public form of expression. I’m just looking for some objective¬† insights.

And, to B.A. Frost– Please, don’t give up on me yet. Je veux parler avec toi, si tu plait.

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