The effort of unfriending.

Now, personally I would never go through the effort of “unfriending” someone from facebook or myspace. In my opinion, it is petty and a waste of time. You know why? Because it proves that you really *do* care. If you really don’t care, just ignore. Simple as that.

So, in the simplest terms: I am laughing at . . . → Read More: The effort of unfriending.

Ha, who the hell are you people?

…So, I finally figured out how to track the hits I get on this site a day. Holy shit, guys. I mean.. I was expecting binary numbers. Zeros and ones. But seriously, forty hits a day?

Which leads me to my next question..

Who are you?

I mean, thus far in my posting… I’ve posted about *nothing*. . . . → Read More: Ha, who the hell are you people?