Baby Steps

Step one: Watch ZEITGEIST.
Step two: Think about what you’ve just watched..
Step three: Talk to me about it… I’m curious to know what everyone else thinks.

My dad (Engineerboy) and my step-ma (Mynagirl) showed this movie to me on my last visit. It will open your eyes to some funky shit. If you don’t know, my family is *extraordinarily* open minded– we’re liberals. If you’re one of us (and even if you’re not…) watch this movie. It will cover three main topics: Religion, 9/11 conspiracy, and the Federal Reserve Banking "scam".

I showed my boyfriend this movie, and whether or not he admits it to me, he has become enthralled in it. He shows it to the majority of the people that stop by his apartment, and I couldn’t be prouder.

IF and WHEN you see this movie, share it. Everyone deserves to know the truth. Sure, some of it is probably bullshit… BUT take in everything with an open mind. And if it inspires you the way it did me, I want to know what you think, and why you think it, and what you think we can do to bring people together to change this fucked up world. I can’t do it alone… But I’m trying.

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  • Rumdogg

    Zeitgeist really opened my eyes. Even though I don’t think it was some huge-ass conspiracy that has spanned ages, I do think that it really shows how people need to wake the fuck up, and stop being taken in by the bullshit we’re fed by the powers that be. At least half of what we hear and/or are told is totally false, or, almost worse, completely irrelevant, designed to distract us from the truth. I’m constantly so frustrated with illogical and irrelevant people who believe anything they’re told and are content to live their lives feeding off of their TV’s, concerned more about who is dating whom in Hollywood than who is leading our nation and where our fucking disaster of a modern world is going.
    Not that I hate the world or life. It kicks ass. The little things, anyways. It’s the big shit that blows.

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